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All SQLSTAR Global Trainers are certified by Oracle University.
At SQLSTAR Global, our Certified Trainer combines theory and lab with proven techniques to turn students carrier into IT professionals.
Our Oracle University certified instructors assures that all our training programs meet the standards of instruction set by the industry.

Authorized Education Center

Here at Oracle authorized training center in Chennai, We deliver Oracle's official curriculum on various Oracle Technologies. Oracle's comprehensive curriculum addresses a broad range of technical proficiencies whether you are a novice, an IT or creative professional, or a service technician. The courses materials and Cource Completion Certifications are directly delivered by Oracle who maintain industries highest quality standards.

Authorized Examination Center

Oracle Testing Center (OTC): ISQL Global Oracle exam center in Chennai, Authorized by Oracle to conduct Certification for all Oracle Product including advanced courses like RAC, Data Guard, ASM, Financial, Functional, Transport and everything.
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Coporate Training

Onsite Training and Individual Workshops Our coaches are happy to tailor courses and curriculam to suit your company's circumstances, goals and requirements as well as participants' prior knowledge and skills.
We conduct your customized training session either in one of our training centers or on site at your company's premises.

Oracle authorized education center

With Most experienced Oracle Training Partner in Chennai SQLSTAR Global Authorized Oracle Training Centers in Chennai, your most important career choices should be made with people whom you can trust. Since we opened our doors in 1999, Best Oracle Training Center in Chennai has been helping students to fulfill their potential. We do this through personalized instruction, working hand-in-hand with the student’s classroom trainers for the most efficient learning.

Goal: To produce professionals with ability to make appropriate use of Database and Java in the field of IT and communicationthrough quality Oracle Training in Chennai so as to meet the current demand of the industry, trade and service sector. To open avenues for best carrier in India and abroad in the IT related fields. Our experienced and professional staff members make ISQL GLOBAL an excellent place to learn Oracle Database and Java to prepare for your carrier success. Come to ISQL GLOBAL, make new friends, enjoy the Oracle University cultural life and learn Oracle Database and Java.

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